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Sarah Schönfeld

All you can feel


What have chemical substances got to do with the soul and why does caffeine look like it feels? All you can feel is a book of pseudo-alchemist photographic works in which Sarah Schönfeld drizzles various substances, ranging from party drugs and psychotropic drugs to neurotransmitters produced by the body itself, onto photographic negatives and then subjects the results of these chemical reactions to the normal photographic process. Astonishing images, resembling planets, crystals, landscapes and embryos, emerge from this process. The relationship between alchemy, pharmacy, photography and psychology are discussed in four essays.


born in Berlin
graduate, UdK Berlin
master class, Lothar Baumgarten
numerous exhibitions at home and abroad


Sarah Schönfeld

edited by
Sarah Schönfeld

Matthias Harder, Alexander Klose, Jeannie Moser, Christina Vagt, Anna Zett

graphic design
Anja Lutz


ISBN: 978-3-86678-900-5
Format: 24,50 × 33,00 cm
Pages: 96
Illustrations: 31 colored illustrations
Cover: Hardcover, bound

German | English


38,00 € ( 49,40 CHF ) (postage free inside germany)

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