At a time when blank spots have by and large disappeared from maps, “wilderness” has returned in art. The Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt has dedicated an extensive theme-based exhibition to this recurring fascination.


100 Jahre Deutsches Ledermuseum

1917 – 2017

100 Jahre Deutsches Ledermuseum (1917–2017) focuses on the individual, outstanding object, with its history and qualities. Cultural history is quasi inscribed in the work—regardless of what ethnic group or era. This gives rise to fascinating dialogues or cross-references: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s hatbox meets the slippers of Ulrike von Levetzow, Goethe’s final (unrequited) love. The catalogue traces the history of the museum and the collection and presents numerous new photographs of objects that are, in part, being presented for the first time in the exhibition, as well as series of images from the historical photo archive.


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"100 Jahre Deutsches Ledermuseum"

September 2017

ISBN 978-3-7356-0391-3

22,00 x 28,50 cm

276 Pages

120 colored and 149 b/w illustrations

Softcover with flaps

Languages: German

Inez Florschütz
Text by
Vanessa Didion, Inez Florschütz, Andreas Hansert, Maria Anna Tappeiner
Design by

surface Gesellschaft für Gestaltung mbH, Frankfurt a.M.


100 Jahre Deutsches Ledermuseum – exhibition in theanniversary year, 16.9.17-25.2.18, Offenbach am Main