Jan Wawrzyniak

Broken and Lost | Drawing

The works of Jan Wawrzyniak focus on the dissolution of the boundaries of the image. His works leave the pictorial surface, break through the frame and reach out into the space. Although rooted in tradition, they revoke the traditional notion of the picture through fractures or extensions.
This catalogue documents two "Alexanderlinien" created on location in the Museum Wiesbaden, measuring approx. 18 metres in length and drawn in one stroke. One of them runs along the wall, the other along the floor. The exhibition also features individual works which encourage perspective-based seeing by obscuring the spatial experience – ambiguous works, which time and again elude an explicit overall experience.
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Jan Wawrzyniak

ISBN 978-3-7356-0066-0

19,50 × 25,50 cm

80 pages

36 colored illustrations

Paperback, bound, without dust jacket, without Schuber

Japanische Falzung

Languages: German, English

by Museum Wiesbaden authors Alexander Klar, Robert Kudielka, Ulrike Kregel graphic design mischen Berlin, Vera Rammelmeyer

exhibition: „Jan Wawrzyniak – Broken and Lost | Drawing“, 10.10.2014 – 1.2.2015, Museum Wiesbaden