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The photo, video and installation artist Gaby Steiner focuses primarily on people who have become the victims of advancing commodification around the globe. In this publication, she documents the life of former architect Jerzy Sulek, who lives without shelter on his own property in New York. His house was torn down by the city a number of years ago. This man's story clearly illustrates an urban phenomenon: the contradiction between the public visibility of personal lifestyles on the one hand, and loneliness and social isolation on the other.
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Gaby Steiner

July 2015

ISBN 978-3-7356-0074-5

24,00 × 30,60 cm

104 pages

134 colored illustrations

Hardcover, bound


Languages: English

Gaby Steiner

Text by
Pedro Gadanho, Gaby Steiner

Design by
Christian Lange, Greiz