The Crocodile in the Pond

11 Artists from ShanghART

The younger generation of Chinese artists has been changing the art scene in a manner comparable to the metaphor of the crocodile that makes fish swim faster as soon as it is put into a pond with them. Contemporary Chinese art no longer rallies behind role models and masters. A new way of thinking has found its way into studios and therefore into the production of art itself: a way of thinking that has resulted in artists choosing to no longer define themselves as bohemians, but rather as thinkers and successful think tanks for society. They have something to say and are saying it loud and clear, whether utilizing the technological innovations of the twenty-first century, commenting on social conventions with a twinkle in their eye, or working boldly in huge dimensions.


Birdhead鸟头, Chen Xiaoyun陈晓云, Han Feng韩锋, Jiang Pengyi蒋鹏奕, Lu Lei陆垒, Shao Yi邵一, Shi Yong施勇, Sun Xun孙逊, Xu Zhen徐震/MadeIn, Yang Zhenzhong杨振中, Zhang Ding张鼎


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The Crocodile in the Pond

June 2016

ISBN 978-3-7356-0276-3

21 × 26 cm

96 pages

51 colored and 61 b/w illustrations

Softcover, bound

Languages: Chinesisch, English

Global Art St. Urban Foundation, Gertrud & Heinz Aeschlimann

Text by
Heinz & Gertrud Aeschlimann, Alexandra Grimmer, Xenia Piëch (Interview with Lorenz Helbling)

Design by
Frederik Foert

Exhibition: “The Crocodile in the Pond / 11 Artists from ShanghART”, 12. – 26. June 2016, Museum Art St. Urban & Abbey St. Urban