Sylvia Goebel

47 Paintings

Sylvia Goebel’s paintings seem almost forcefully material. At the same time, one also discovers moments of delicateness that shine through in the color valences inscribed in them. Are we gazing into an infinite distance, or do we have microscopically close structures before our eyes? The paintings sometimes give the impression of living, pulsing, and breathing. Colors and forms seem to lead a fantastical life of their own—at times subtle and refracted, to then abruptly change again to an oscillating luminousness.

This book presents an exemplary overview of Sylvia Goebel’s artistic oeuvre: forty-seven paintings—with a focus on her newest works—represent the quintessence of her artistic development.

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Sylvia Goebel

August 2016

ISBN 978-3-7356-0275-6

24,5 × 27,5 cm

104 pages

48 colored illustrations

Hardcover linen-bound, bound

Languages: German, English

Text by
Hans Thomas Carstensen

Design by
Jonas Schulte, Berlin

Exhibition: „Sylvia Goebel. 47 Bilder”, Galerie Schimming, Hamburg, May 2016