Das Kunsthaus Kannen Buch

Kunst der Gegenwart – Art Brut und Outsider Art

In the more recent history of art and psychiatry, there are only a few practice models that have approached the notion of inclusion in the artistic in such an exemplary and thus path-breaking way as the Kunsthaus Kannen in Münster. Since the beginning of the nineteen-eighties, here at the Alexian Brothers, efforts have very farsightedly been made to encourage residents who are particular talented artistically. The open space in Haus Kannen that was created at the beginning has become the Kunsthaus Kannen, today a museum for exhibitions on contemporary art, Art Brut, and Outsider Art, with artists’ studios and a gallery area. The Kunsthaus Kannen Buch presents forty-five artists—who have now been working there for two generations—with a selection of their works along with a portrait photo of each artist by the photographer Ralf Emmerich, who has been accompanying the Kunsthaus for many years. The artists’ works attest to the spectrum and wealth of creative expression that arises with artistic support. With their expertise, internationally renowned art historians, museum specialists, and curators reflectively classify the resulting collection.


Rosa Benzel, Karl Bergenthal, Paul Berger, Wolfgang Brandl, Georg Brinkschulte, Heinrich Büning, Robert Burda, Karl Cornelius, Karl‐Heinz Dohmann, Stephan Dürken, Helmut Feder, Anton Fliss, Hans‐Jürgen Fränzer, Herbert Heithausen, Franz Huestedde, Hans‐Georg Kastilan, Wilke Klees, Matthias Klepgen, Friedrich-Wilhelm Koch, Anton Kohls, Hermann König, Josef König, Helmut Licznierski, Willi Lütkemeyer, Gerd Maron, Gisela Mauz, Klaus Mücke, Alfred Olschewski, Bruno Ophaus, Hans‐Werner Padberg, Helmut Paus, Bernhard Pfitzner, Ulrich Röckmann, Muammer Savran, Fritz Schamell, Gerd Schippel, Josef Schwaf, Werner Streppel, Heinz Thomas, Fritz Tobergte, Heinz Unger, August Vibert, Walter Vieth, Paul Weidemann

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Das Kunsthaus Kannen Buch

October 2016

ISBN 978-3-7356-0303-6

23,00 × 28,00 cm

304 pages

148 colored and 45 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

accompanied by a DVD

Languages: German

Alexianer Münster GmbH

Text by
Daniel Baumann, Stephan Dransfeld, Carine Fol, Erich Franz, Lisa Inckmann, Thomas Röske, Gisela Steinlechner, Klaus Telger, Karin Wendt

Design by
Thomas Tegethoff, Ralf Emmerich (photography)

Exhibition: “Einblicke in die Sammlung, Teil I”, 05/08 – 08/07/2016 “Einblick in die Sammlung, Teil II”, 08/14 – 10/30/2016

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