Dieter Huber


"The greater the degree of safety, the more individual freedom is restricted. Freedom, however, only exists when there is a certain lack of safety; otherwise it is lost. This balancing act is a flexible breaking point between state and citizens and requires ongoing adaptation.” (Dieter Huber)

#SAFE deals with the field of tension between freedom and safety. As a result of the growing prevalence of terrorist acts, economic stagnation, increasingly conspicuous social contrasts, and large-scale migration, many people are currently experiencing a feeling of helplessness and vague fear. The artist Dieter Huber sees it as his responsibility to visualize socially relevant and virulent topics using contemporary means. Complex research over several years and collaborations in the private sector and the field of public safety form the basis for project #SAFE. It comprises 202 works (2010–16) and was realized using various technologies.

A Collector's Edition is planned. There are 3 versions of the aluminium lid. Scratches on the material are deliberate.

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Dieter Huber

April 2017

ISBN 978-3-7356-0350-0

29,50 × 24,00 cm

240 pages

205 colored illustrations

Hardcover, bound

With milled and printed aluminum lid

Languages: German, English

Dieter Huber

Text by
Hans Dieter Huber, Klaus Mak, Dieter Huber

Design by
Dieter Huber

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