Pernilla Zetterman

Turn Down Center Line

„Turn Down Center Line is a journey through Pernilla Zetterman’s personal reflections in her search to find the voice at the core of her being. She leads this quest through her own language from a world of self-induced silence. No small talk or unnecessary niceties fill in the blanks on this walk. It’s the visual anthology of a woman in pursuit of being heard.” (Timothy Persons)
The photographs of Pernilla Zetterman (*1970) are characterized by the contrast of distance and closeness. Profound photographs of horses are confronted with the cool and distancing pictures of the riding utensils. By using close ups she reveals that the borders between these two sensations often blur in the relationship with another being – human and animal alike.

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Pernilla Zetterman

May 2017

ISBN 978-3-7356-0378-4

15,00 × 22,60 cm

104 pages

47 colored and 3 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: English

Sandra Praun, Oscar Guermouche

Text by
Timothy Persons

Design by
Sandra Praun and Oscar Guermouche, Stockholm

Flying Change | Pernilla Zetterman , Grundemark Nilsson Gallery, Stockholm, May 4-June 17, 2017 group exhibition:  Like a Horse , Fotografiska, Stockholm, May 18-September 3, 2017