Entre Terra E Mar

Between Land and Sea. Transatlantic Art

Political-poetic interventions by the internationally renowned artist Ayrson Heráclito from Brazil and Rigo 23 from Portugal, today the United States, are presented in close conjunction with the museum collection. In installations, films, photos, and performances, the artists address the invisible power of historical events from the era of slavery and colonial rule over the indigenous minorities of South America that once emanated from Europe and is remains potent until today. With the help of art as a space of transit, the oppressed have transformed the values imposed on them and hence also shaped modern societies.

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Entre Terra E Mar

Languages: German, English

Mona Suhrbier

Text by
Jane De Hohenstein, Julia Friedel, Arno Holl, Marcello Moreira, Alice Pawlik, Eva Raabe, Rigo 23, Mona Suhrbier

Design by
Andreas Gnass, Brita Wiesbach, U9 Visuelle Allianz, Offenbach