Dirk Salz


How do we perceive our environment? What is reality? Can we trust our understanding? The artist Dirk Salz (*1962) poses all these questions with his works. As a result of their particular haptics and materiality, the range of works created with epoxy resin are not only reflection surfaces. They, so to say, provide viewers with a transparent look into the image’s real spatial depth, thus linking the pictorial reality with perceived reality. What consequently arises is a fascinating interplay that constitutes the particular appeal of the works. The new publication provides insight into the artist’s current work. In addition to painting, the book also deals with the self-contained work series of drawings, which have a special place in Salz’s oeuvre. 

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Dirk Salz

August 2017

ISBN 978-3-7356-0407-1

22,00 × 26,00 cm

104 pages

42 colored and 11 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English

Dirk Salz

Text by
Peter Lodermeyer, Raimund Stecker 

Design by
Polina Bazir

Wahrnehmung, Zeit, Regel und Zufall , 8.9.–7.10.2017, Kunstraum 21, Bonn reflective , 16.9.–4.11.2017, Galerie Löhrl, Mönchengladbach reflective , 19.10.–25.11.2017, Galeria Victor Lope, Barcelona