Miriam Vlaming


Vertigo—starting from the Icarus myth of antiquity, Miriam Vlaming (*1971) has created a new group of works in which she brings mankind’s ancient dream of flying and freedom together with excessive human hubris: phantomlike figures move through dreamlike landscapes and sceneries. In a dizzying frenzy, with a groundless pull into the close range and the farthest distance, Miriam Vlaming creates a fantastical pictorial world between presence and absence, history and present.           

The book contains the DVD Miriam Vlaming. Vor Tür und Wand (2018), a film by Manuel Dorn, 40 min.

Miriam Vlaming
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Miriam Vlaming

February 2019

ISBN 978-3-7356-0583-2

23 × 29,5 cm

92 pages

36 colored illustrations


mit DVD

Text by
Teresa Bischoff, Jutta Desel, Anne Diestelkamp, Martin Oswald

Design by
studio lindhorst-emme

Miriam Vlaming. Vertigo, Museum Abtei Liesborn: 27.1.–28.4.2019