Jörg Brüggemann / Tobias Kruse


What is friendship? The first interpersonal relationship that we ourselves choose. Jörg Brüggemann and Tobias Kruse ask what kind of a relationship “friendship” is. It it neither familial nor romantic, and yet, it often goes so much deeper. Together, the two photographers have photographed each other and observed friendships in public space. In their new series for the OBSCURA Festival of Photography and this artist’s book, they find emblematic images of closeness and distance, joy and sorrow, love and competition, trust and doubt, giving and taking, strength and weakness, sharing and separating.

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Jörg Brüggemann / Tobias Kruse

March 2020

ISBN 978-3-7356-0640-2

13,5 × 20,3 cm

144 pages

84 colored and 15 b/w illustrations

Gatefold Brochure

Languages: German, English

Vignes Balasignam OBSCURA Festival of Photography, Penang / Malaysia

Text by
Dirk Gieselmann

Design by
Till Wiedeck / HelloMe Studio, Berlin

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