Ich lebe

Wie Kinder Kriege überstehen. Ein Jahrhundertporträt.

Today, 426 million children are growing up in war zones. Since 1919, Save the Children has been protecting and promoting the well-being of children in more than 110 countries. For its 100th anniversary, this global, large and independent children’s rights organization has teamed up with the Swiss photojournalist Dominic Nahr to present the stories of ten children and a “baby of hope,” all of whom survived the wars of the past century. This touching illustrated volume tells of their fates, of everyday life in war, of escape and persecution, but also how they found hope and their own paths, despite the adversity they faced.

Guest authors

Anne-Sophie Mutter, Ingo Zamperoni, Jon Swain, Anne Watts, Margrethe Vestager, Ban Ki-moon, Professor Wole Soyinka, Mayte Carrasco, Marcel Mettelsiefen, Ulrike C. Tscharre, Amir Hassan Cheheltan, Dr. Gerd Müller

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Ich lebe

December 2020

ISBN 978-3-7356-0632-7

22 × 26,5 cm

324 pages

102 colored and 60 b/w illustrations


Languages: German

Save the Children

Text by
Bertram Job nach Interviews und Reportagen von Anna Mayumi Kerber

Design by
mischen, Harri Kuhn, Berlin

Ich lebe / I Am Alive: Save the Children, Fotografien von Dominic Nahr, Auswärtiges Amt, Berlin: 21. Oktober bis 29. November 2019 || Ich lebe/ I Am Alive: Lesung auf dem Internationalen Literaturfestival, silent green Kulturquartier, Berlin, 15. September 2020, 18-19 Uhr