Frank Gaudlitz

OST. SÜD. Fotografien 1986–2020

For more than thirty years, photographer Frank Gaudlitz (born in 1958) has dedicated himself to the grand, epochal history of the world and to small, insignificant individual destinies. His look at the spectacle of the world is unerring, moving, and refreshing. With a tremendous sense for the human, his photos are always more than simply detached images. From the closeness of the moment, they develop stories of individual lives, seriousness and hope. The Potsdam Museum is recognizing his photographic work with the retrospective exhibition OST. SÜD. Fotografien 1986–2020 and this extensive catalogue.

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Frank Gaudlitz

ISBN 978-3-7356-0698-3

24 × 28 cm

184 Pages


Languages: German

Frank Gaudlitz und Jutta Götzmann, Potsdam Museum – Forum für Kunst und Geschichte, Potsdam

Text by
Matthias Flügge, Frank Gaudlitz, Jutta Götzmann, Claudia Schubert

Design by
Sarah Thußbas, Berlin