Martin Bruno Schmid

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The art of Martin Bruno Schmid (born in 1970) is an art of the poetic—even though it has been created in an anything but silent way since his studies with Joseph Kosuth. His material is architecture. He intervenes in spaces, floors, ceilings, and walls by means of drilling, rupturing, hammering, sanding, and cutting. He looks “behind things” and gives the manufactured world that surrounds us back its material reality. By scratching the flawless illusion of day-to-day life, Schmid visibly shakes the immutability of what exists and opens up new spaces for thought: “Under the pavement (ever still) the beach.”

Martin Bruno Schmid

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Martin Bruno Schmid

ISBN 978-3-7356-0697-6

24 × 30 cm

112 Pages


Languages: German, English

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