Luca Ellena


Shopping carts: they stand in front of supermarkets day in and day out without attracting any attention. But when they are removed from their usual surroundings, they develop a strange power of attraction. In Berlin, shopping carts are frequently, quite often in nocturnal “actions,” repositioned, knocked over, hung up, or loaded with curious things. Over two years, the photographer Luca Ellena (*1997) “portrayed” numerous shopping carts in such unusual surroundings. This has resulted in an absurd artist’s book filled with unexpected stories that we can only imagine.

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Luca Ellena
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Luca Ellena

August 2020

ISBN 978-3-7356-0724-9

17 × 24 cm

96 pages

56 colored illustrations


Languages: German, English

Text by
Jonathan Progin

Design by
Georg Jaenisch, Causative, Berlin

photo basel 2020, Galerie Monika Wertheimer: 15. – 20. September 2020 | Book Launch, Sensler Museum, Tafers: September 2020 | Galerie Monika Wertheimer, Oberwil: August – September 2021

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