Since 2009, the artist collective SCHAUM operates in lieu of the average person, upon which the experimental set-ups for the current processes of self-optimising are imposed. In photographic series, sculptures, installations, and performances the test subjects as well as simple found objects are alienated, conceptually “abused”, and fused with old-masterly allegories and Christian iconography. SCHAUM are “already on their way to a post-human variation” of the defective human being, from which eventually “an artificial creature, an artefact of itself” (Jean-Pierre Wils) shall arise.

The artist collective SCHAUM works conceptually with photography, painting, graphic art, object, installation and performance. Since 2009, numerous awards, institutional exhibitions, and works in public collections.

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October 2020

ISBN 978-3-7356-0718-8

21,5 × 27 cm

144 pages

108 colored illustrations


Languages: German, English

Artist Collective SCHAUM

Text by
Anke Hervol, Michael Schoenholtz, Jean-Pierre Wils

Design by
SCHAUM, Tim Kellner – bureau für typografie & fotografie, Rostock

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