Fabian Zapatka


In 2019 Manfred Zapatka ended his more than 50-year-long career in the theater at the Residenz Theater in Munich. An outstanding actor, he represents a generation of Germanlanguage ensemble theatermakers that has recently been retiring. The photographer Fabian Zapatka (*1978) decided to accompany his father as he bid his farewell. His photographic piece Vater (Father) starts in the world of the Munich theater. The end of their journey is marked by his father’s retreat to his parents’ home in Cloppenburg, Lower Saxony, where he spent his childhood. The old house in the old hometown, which stood empty for nearly thirty years, will become his new home.

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Fabian Zapatka

January 2021

ISBN 978-3-7356-0739-3

17 × 24 cm

96 pages

68 colored illustrations


Languages: German, English

Text by
Eckhart Nickel

Design by
Thomas Kartsolis, München

Opening: 16th of July 2021, 7 - 10 pm Exhibition period: 17.07. – 18.07. 2021, pavlov’s dog at guest at erstererster Pappelallee 69 10437 Berlin

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