Mihai Olos

Mihai Olos (1940 –2015) was one of the most prominent Romanian artists of the 1970s. Being interested in various media—painting, sculpture, happenings, Land Art, and even literature—he developed a coherent conceptual system of modular morphologic structures (knots), ultimately leading him to his utopian project, the “universal city” of Olospolis. The publication compiles a representative selection of artworks, photographs from the artist’s archive, which are being published for the first time, and essays on the oeuvre and life of Mihai Olos.

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Mihai Olos

September 2021

ISBN 978-3-7356-0783-6

23,5 × 28 cm

ca. 256 Pages

zahlreiche/numerous colored illustrations


Languages: German, English, Romanian

Galeria Plan B, Olos Estate

Text by
Julian Heynen, Mihai Olos, Athena Tacha

Design by
Plan B

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