Mika Sperling

Mother Tongue

In Mother Tongue, Mika Sperling (*1990) examines how origins and culture influence interpersonal relationships based on her personal family history. Language plays a key role in this. Her young daughter and her Vietnamese mother-in-law are the focus of the photographic examination. Sperling experiments with perspectives, close-ups, and reflecting surfaces and shows the surroundings and personal objects of the individuals portrayed.
Trained in a documentary tradition, Sperling represents a new generation of photo-essayists that takes up historical references and processes them in various mediums and objects so as to engage more intensively with the audience.

Mother Tongue is being published as an exclusive COLLECTOR’S EDITION with a limited diary facsimile print.

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Mika Sperling

March 2022

ISBN 978-3-7356-0820-8

20,5 × 26 cm

68 pages

30 colored illustrations


Languages: English (with additional texts in German, Russian and Vietnamese)

Text by
Mika Sperling

Design by
Ania Nałęcka-Milach / Tapir Book Design

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