Zeithistorische Ausstellungen

Rück- und Ausblicke

The publication brings together reflective practice and practice-oriented theory, thereby enabling theories and thought-provoking impulses for the future to be developed on the basis of practical examples. For instance, based on the example of a large changing exhibition, the realization of an exhibition project is presented with its various steps and work areas. The development of the current status quo in particular is reflected on, and possible perspectives in individual areas are shown as well.

Looking to the future, consequences that might arise from a changed social awareness of particular areas are presented and impulses provided. Examples: altered event formats, and museum education aspects in the design of exhibitions. One central question: How will the mediation of historical-political education take place in the future?

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Zeithistorische Ausstellungen

February 2022

ISBN 978-3-7356-0801-7

16,8 × 24 cm

424 pages

334 colored and 21 b/w illustrations


Languages: German

Stiftung Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Text by
Iris Benner, Harald Biermann, Uta Bretschneider, Ralf Dehmer, Gundula Dicke, Manfred Fiévet, Lena Foerster, Olivia Griese, Peter Hoffmann, Hans Walter Hütter, Philip Kelčec, Lisa Kemle, Thorsten Krause, Judith Kruse, Tina Langner, Iris Lasetzke, Ellen Lehmann, Ralf Lieb, Kornelia Lobmeier, Mike Lukasch, Annett Meineke, Simone Mergen, Ursula Overath, Christian Peters, Annabelle Petschow, Dietmar Preißler, Carsten Reich, Diana Roschka-Meinerding, Ruth Rosenberger, Petra Rösgen, Monika Röther, Anne-Sophie Rüther, Thorsten Smidt, Hanno Sowade, Volker Thiel, Axel Thünker, Julia Ünveren-Schuppe, Helena von Wersebe, Kai-Ingo Weule, Katrin Wotzke, Markus Würz, Stefan Ziegler

Design by
JAHNDESIGN Thomas Jahn Werbung & Kommunikation, Erpel/Rhein