Sebastian Jung

Bio Bio SUV

How will we deal with manmade climate change? Can the bioeconomy, whose foundation is no longer fossil- but rather bio-based raw materials, play a key role in coping with the climate crisis? Must we not instead scrutinize our social mentalities themselves? The art project Bio Bio SUV of Sebastian Jung and the research group flumen addresses these questions. The starting point for the artistic research is Sebastian Jung’s series of drawings of a car stunt show. The possibilities and impossibilities of a new economy are outlined by an eight-person think tank. In the interventions Jeder Vogel hat ein Auto (Every Bird Has a Car) and Die Pinguine am Starnberger See sind beinahe ausgestorben (The Penguins on Lake Starnberg Have Almost Become Extinct) Sebastian Jung devotes himself to the human view of nature and home. He creates productive irritations and invites viewers to interact with them.

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Sebastian Jung

February 2022

ISBN 978-3-7356-0831-4

16,5 × 23 cm

96 pages

109 colored illustrations


swiss brochure

Languages: German, English

Dennis Eversberg, Sophia Pietryga, BMBF-Nachwuchsgruppe „flumen: Mentalitäten im Fluss. Vorstellungswelten in modernen bio-kreislaufbasierten Gesellschaften.“

Text by
Viola Bronsema, Dennis Eversberg, Holger Gerdes, Alex Giurca, Franz-Theo Gottwald, Christiane Grefe, Rafaela Hillerbrand, Sebastian Jung, Zoritza Kiresiewa, Monica Navas Males, Sophia Pietryga, Ulrich Schurr

Design by
Sebastian Jung, Leipzig

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