Dennis Scholl

Dennis Scholl uses repetition. Though he does not always paint the same picture, he repeatedly returns to the same point. The terrain he passes through could be a dream landscape from a night twenty years ago. ‘Landscape’ is suggestive of nature, but the reality portrayed here seems fake. It is more of a park, in which nature has been replicated. And Scholl is not alone here. There are others whom he encounters over and over. But they are no ordinary passers-by; their faces seem like masks - indeed, some of them do wear masks. Are these creatures without expression? My impression is that there are certain arrangements in place within this loose community. Few things are self-evident here. For the most part, there seems to be more of a skirting around the edges of what is directly obvious. The fingers I would use to point at it would need to have more digits than I have on my hand. (Hans-Christian Dany)

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Dennis Scholl

May 2023

ISBN 978-3-7356-0903-8

23 × 30 cm

112 pages

76 colored illustrations



Languages: German, English

Max and Monique Burger, Burger Collection, Hong Kong  

Text by
Kathrin Busch, Hans-Christian Dany

Design by
Daniel Wiesmann, Berlin