Michael Wesely und Michael Biedowicz

My Journey through DIE ZEIT 1997–2020

When Michael Biedowicz bade farewell to DIE ZEIT in 2020, photographer Michael Wesely set out in search of a suitable gift for the man who, for 23 years, had immersed himself in all sorts of issues surrounding images, photographs and how best to communicate them. What came to mind were ideas about DIE ZEIT and time itself. Wesely, whose artistic technique of choice is long exposure, took portrait photographs – each with an exposure time of five minutes – of individuals at DIE ZEIT who had been particularly important to Biedowicz. In turn, those individuals were asked to pose a question to Biedowicz, whose response was recorded in images with various lengths of exposure. The portraits and Biedowicz’s answers provide a unique insight into a life lived for and with photography.

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Michael Wesely und Michael Biedowicz

November 2022

ISBN 978-3-7356-0902-1

19,5 × 27 cm

144 pages

63 colored illustrations


Languages: German, English

Michael Wesely

Text by
Michael Biedowicz, Michael Wesely

Design by
Studio Wesely, Berlin

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