Of Clowns and other Scoundrels

Images of our self

Six Berlin-based artists set out in search of their inner self and traveled down paths that could not be more diverse: Frauke Bohge, Catherine Bourdon, Andrea Cataudella, Sayyora Muin, Katrin Salentin and Anna-Lisa Unkuri expressed their respective self-enquiry through painting, drawing, collage-making, photography, sculpture, and installation. However, none of them provide any absolute answers to their questions, nor ever fully expose their innermost selves.

Singer-songwriter Jan Plewka contributes a lyrical exploration to the project (together with his colleague Marco Schmedtje) in the form of his song Wie ein Geist (Like a Ghost). In it, he considers the works of the artists and lends words and sound to his thoughts and feelings as an inquisitive observer. (Watch the video at www.von-clowns.com)

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Of Clowns and other Scoundrels

December 2022

ISBN 978-3-7356-0907-6

21 × 28 cm

96 pages

67 colored illustrations


Languages: German, English

Frauke Bohge und Anna-Lisa Unkuri

Text by
Augustin M. Noffke, Miriam-Esther Owesle, Jan Plewka

Design by
Katrin Salentin

„Von Clowns und anderen Schweinehunden. Bilder unserer Selbst“ Verein Berliner Künstler, Berlin 12.11.-4.12.2022