Franz Radziwill

Alles auf Anfang. Hundert Jahre Franz Radziwill in Dangast

In 1923, the young painter Franz Radziwill (1895–1983) made an unusual decision: having recently enjoyed artistic success in cities including Bremen, Hamburg and Berlin, Radziwill moved to the sedate little town of Dangast, by the Wadden Sea, where he was to live and work for sixty years. At the same time, Radziwill underwent a stylistic volte-face. He loosened his ties with Expressionism in order, over the course of just a few years, to develop his version of Magic Realism. The exhibition Alles auf Anfang. Hundert Jahre Franz Radziwill in Dangast explores this spectacular sea change. Based on a large range of works, the catalogue traces this stylistic change, illuminates Radziwill’s later view of his early work and examines the contextual aspects – What were the living conditions that Radziwill encountered a century ago in Dangast? To what extent does his relationship with nature and urban life reflect the artist’s view of Modernism?

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Franz Radziwill

April 2023

ISBN 978-3-7356-0904-5

24 × 21 cm

120 pages

81 colored and 10 b/w illustrations


Languages: German

Mara-Lisa Kinne for the Franz Radziwill Gesellschaft e.V.  

Text by
Hans Begerow, Stefan Borchardt, Mara-Lisa Kinne, Susanne Kucharski-Huniat, Konstanze Radziwill, Jürgen Weichardt

Design by
Gerlinde Domininghaus, werbebüro f o r m s a c h e, Oldenburg

Alles auf Anfang! 100 Jahre Franz Radziwill in Dangast, Franz Radziwill Haus, Dangast, 26. März 2023 bis 07. Januar 2024