Li Songsong

Historical Materialism

In his paintings Chinese artist Li Songsong makes use of media sources, which he fragments, focuses, and alters. In this way his paintings function like a perceptually enhanced, distanced form of historical painting. Particularly in recent years Li Songsong has been closely examining how globalization is increasingly changing societies. One of the hallmarks of Li Songsong’s art is the way that he breaks up the entire image into mosaic-like color fields comprising centimeter-thick layers of paint. In his work, paint takes on a consistency resembling ice cream, which is broken up in highly contrasting ways.
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Li Songsong

October 2015

23,00 × 33,00 cm

144 pages

53 colored illustrations

Gatefold Brochure, bound

Languages: German, English, Italian

Hendrik Bündge

Text by
Lorenzo Sassoli de Bianchi, Hendrik Bündge, Gianfranco Maraniello

Design by, Berlin

Exhibition: “Historical Materialism” in MAMbo Bologna (May 22 until August 30, 2015) and “Geschichte als Material / Material as History” in the Staatlichen Kunsthalle Baden-Baden (October 31, 2015 until February 7, 2016)