Wo ist die Kunst?

Zur Geographie von Schnittstellen

>>Where is art?”>>is the question on the location of art, and its production and presentation. The combination of artists and their respective thematic or structural foci shows that in recent years in the world of art and exhibitions positions have been established, whose location was freely and confidently chosen, and, equally, have penetrated the periphery of art. In the last ten years, the theoretical debate on the location of art with reference to this empirical basis has, on the other hand, led to statements and publications with an enduring effect on art discourse (and thus, in interaction, on the practice of art). Thus, what is at stake here is no less than an individual definition of art and the apportionment of a phenomenon to the art system.
Wo ist die Kunst?
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Wo ist die Kunst?

ISBN 978-3-936646-67-2

22,40 × 28,00 cm

184 pages

Softcover, without dust jacket, without Schuber

Languages: German

Thomas Kaestle for the Kunstverein Hildesheim Marius Babias, Tilman Baumgärtel, Dirk Baumunk, Bazon Brock, Margitta Buchert, Jesko Fezer, Elisabeth Hartung, Dominika Hasse, Hans-Dieter Huber, Hans-Otto Hügel, Thomas Kaestle, Thomas Kapielski, Michael Lingner Pierangelo Maset, Regina Möller, Beatrix Nobis, Radio L’Ost, Siegfried J. Schmidt, Wolfgang Schneider, D. Schürer, Kai Vöckler, Manfred Walz, Peter Weibel, Kurt Weidemann, Ovis Wende, Axel J. Wieder, Heiner Wilharm and others

The book was published as a view of the exhibition programme 2004 of the Kunstverein Hildesheim.