The Ten "New" Europeans

The Ten "New" Europeans

54 critical graphic artists from the ten new member countries of the European Union countries look at people right in the face, into their hearts, and into that particularly sensitive place: their pockets. The content or lack thereof in such pockets very often reflects the state of one’s feelings. And the caricatures in this book make no exceptions. The "face" of Europe is a physiognomic peculiarity; its characteristics and distinctive marks are viewed and judged in diverse ways, regardless of the viewpoint from which the "profile" is taken. And yet these pictures, which articulate vision and hope, fear and rejection, remain the only commonly understood "language" that can unify the European nations at present. Even if it is only through pictorial satire.
The Ten "New" Europeans
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The Ten "New" Europeans

ISBN 978-3-936646-87-0

22,50 × 22,50 cm

120 pages

97 colored and 15 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound, without dust jacket, without Schuber

Languages: German, English

Dieter Burkamp authors Gisela Burkamp, Dieter Burkamp and Günther Verheugen