Norbert Tadeusz

Collector's Edition

This Collector´s Edition of hand-colored etchings (edition of 30 + 5 AP) each one signed and numbered by the artist. The edition comes with the book Dunkle Begleiter (Dark companion ). Norbert Tadeusz (1940-2011) was one of the most important figurative post-war painters in Germany. In the 1960s—in clear opposition to Gerhard Hoehme and Joseph Beuys at the Düsseldorf Kunstakademie—he worked on a new approach to figurative painting that ultimately exercised considerable influence over the New Figuration of the 1980s. The artist’s hand-colored etchings feature Tadeusz’s typically complex composition and overwhelmingly powerful colors.
( 552.60CHF )

April 2009

24,00 × 30,00 cm

104 pages


Languages: German, English

Wolfgang Gmyrek und Hans Günter Golinski

Text by
Wolfgang Gmyrek, Hans Günter Golinski, Jochen Hörisch und Beat Wyss

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