Julian Rosefeldt

Living in Oblivion

A total of 20 + 5 AP of this Collector’s Edition have been published. Each of the photographs (22.4 x. 26.4 cm) is signed and numbered by the artist, and each edition comes with a companion publication, Living in Oblivion. Julian Rosefeldt continues to explore the boundaries separating film, installation, performance, art, and theater. This is why his elaborate works in film and photography can be found in the most prominent collections in the world, such as the Museum of Modern Art, New York. This exclusive Edition was created for the installation Living in Oblivion in Berlin.
( 552.60CHF )
Julian Rosefeldt

April 2010

23,00 × 27,00 cm

104 pages


Languages: German, English

Berlinische Galerie, Berlin

Text by
Thomas Köhler, Bert Rebhandl, Guido Fassbender und Heinz Stahlhut