Franz Wanner

Kafka Kolor. Collector's Edition

This Collector´s Edition in a series of 10 copies also includes a signed copy of the book Franz Wanner. Die Anmaßung, as well as a handmade, silkscreened silk tie inside a box. Each exclusive edition will be made to order by the artist. Through his multimedia works of art Franz Wanner creates a lucid construct of meanings, expectations, and deviations. The implicitness of conventional views of contemporary, relevant themes are frequently introduced in comical ways.
( 343.84CHF )
Franz Wanner

August 2011

21,50 × 26,00 cm

148 pages


Languages: German, English

Franz Wanner

Text by
Babylonia Constantinides, Michael Hirsch, Tobias Hülswitt, Res Ingold, Johannes Vogt

Design by
Sergio Magallanes, DEED, München