Cees Andriessen

Collector's Edition

The Collector's Edition consists of a woodcut and the book "the eye invisible". The print is signed and numbered by the artist and limited to 30 + 5 AP. Paper is Cees Andriessen’s artistic medium, with particular emphasis on woodcuts; his form of expression is a formal abstract vocabulary. Powerful pictorial symbols run throughout his works, in endless variations. He uses symbols with great assurance and formal certainty; the dialogue that occurs on the paper also draws in – unavoidably – the viewer. Andriessen’s woodcuts, as well as his drawings, are striking thanks to their sensibility. They never give the impression of the transitory, of something quickly sketched, although they may well be the products of quick brushwork. The works possess something timeless; they remind us of archetypical symbols. Words word can only attempt to describe what we actually see.
( 307.00CHF )

November 2007

24,00 × 29,50 cm

112 Pages


Languages: German, English

Museum Goch

Text by
Andreas Altmann, Mischa Andriessen, Stephan Mann, Erik Schönenberg