Bertram Kober

Sacri Monti. Collector's Edition

A total of 20 + 5 AP of this Collector’s Edition have been published. Each photograph is signed and numbered by the artist. The accompanying book "Sacri Monti" is supplied with this Edition. „Sacri Monti“, Holy Mountains, is the name given to nine Catholic pilgrimage sites, built in the 17th and late 16th century. Heavily populated scenes depict biblical stories about Jesus and various saints in somewhat rambling chapel buildings. Symbolic and spiritual meaning overlap, while terracotta figures and illusionistic painting blend into “complete works of art” of bizarre beauty.
( 184.20CHF )
Bertram Kober

August 2009

28,00 × 24,00 cm

112 pages


Languages: German, English

Bertram Kober

Text by
Eckard Nordhofen