Thomas Wrede

Underworld Diner

A total of 20 + 5 AP of this Collector’s Edition have been published. The colour photographs are signed and numbered by the artist. The accompanying book "Manhattan Picture Worlds" is supplied with this edition. Thomas Wrede has photographed the billboards of Manhattan for six years. In doing so, he has frequently concentrated on details viewed artfully in relation to people and atmosphere. The method turns the city into a stage set on which the larger-than-life ideals of the advertising industry merge imperceptibly with the realism of the street and the reality of life. While the allure of appearances outshines the bleakness of reality, the contrast generated in this way serves to intensify the fast-paced vitality of a city constantly reinventing itself.

Thomas Wrede
Underworld Diner, 2006
Paper sheet: 23.1 x 30.1 cm
Image: 22 x 29 cm
Color photograph
Edition: 20 + 5 AP
numbered, signed, dated
450,00 EUR
incl. VAT and transport-safe packaging
plus express shipping

( 552.60CHF )
Thomas Wrede

June 2010

27,00 × 31,00 cm

120 pages


Languages: German, English

Text by
Marshall Berman, Christoph Schaden

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