Ivan Bazak

Collector's Edition

This limited Collector's Edition of 50 copies of the book "Berni in Grandma's house / Vitalik visits his mother" includes an original work of the artist. Each work is a unique piece, in variable size, painted with acrylic on untreated cotton. In his installation, Ivan Bazak displays the multi-layered, interwoven and multi-vectoral nature of migration movements. He uses the example of the stories of two people crossing borders and thus provides an unusual view of the subject of migration, which is almost always viewed as being problematic in the media discourse of today. Here, migrants are seen either as victims or threats; in Ivan Bazak’s work they are creative transnational subjects.
( 214.90CHF )

June 2007

20,50 × 25,00 cm

80 pages


Languages: German, English, Ukrainisch

Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund

Text by
Kurt Wettengl, Nicole Grothe, Lesya Ostrovska-Lyuta, Kurt Wettengl

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