Ancient mastery. Works on paper

The print collection of Engelbert Seibertz

It is extremely rare for the print collection of one individual to outlive them. Usually the works are divided up, sold and disseminated after their owner’s death. Thanks to a lucky coincidence, the museum of art and cultural history of the city of Dortmund came into possession of such a collection. Thanks to the interest in art of Engelbert Seibertz (1813-1905) – a portrait and history painter from Westphalia – we have a document of a pre-1900 collection from the bourgeoisie. The exhibition and catalogue document the collection and its context, allowing new insight into print collections from time.
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Ancient mastery. Works on paper

December 2012

ISBN 978-3-86678-779-7

21,00 × 27,00 cm

240 pages

159 colored and 6 b/w illustrations

Paperback, bound

Languages: German

Stephan Brakensiek, Brigitte Buberl, Claudia Stefanie Klein authors Annika Molter, Simin Sadeghi, Simone Leyk, Wolfgang Schmitt jun., David L. Vamosi, Stefanie Heckert, Sarah Walden, Ines Franke, Benjamin Braun, Marie-Christin Kajewski, Brigitte Buberl, Claudia Stefanie Klein, Stephan Brakensiek graphic design Andreas Koch, Bielefeld

Exhibition: „Altpapier meisterhaft. Die Graphiksammlung des Engelbert Seibertz“, 23.11. – 31.1.2013, Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Dortmund