Henry van de Velde

A Universal Museum for Erfurt

Henry van de Velde had great plans for Erfurt: his monumental new building was to have housed a “universal museum” as a “central museum for Thuringia.” In 1913/14, working closely with Edwin Redslob, the museum’s first director, he produced a thoroughly modern, groundbreaking plan, which owing to the outbreak of the First World War was never actually built.
This work to mark the 150th anniversary of Henry van de Velde’s birth sheds light on an exciting chapter in the history of Erfurt’s architecture and museums with the latest findings from original sources. It also brings to our attention another key protagonist of modernism: the art historian Edwin Redslob, who as Reichskunstwart would later be responsible for all legislative and administrative matters pertaining to art in the Weimar Republic.
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Henry van de Velde

ISBN 978-3-86678-829-9

22,00 × 27,50 cm

272 pages

184 colored and 20 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound, without dust jacket, without Schuber

Languages: German

by Miriam Krautwurst, Kai Uwe Schierz authors Ole W. Fischer, Günther Gercken, Tobias J. Knoblich, Norbert Korrek, Miriam Krautwurst, Ruth Menzel, Christian Welzbacher graphic design Susanne Bax, Berlin

Exhibition: Erfurt, „Henry van de Velde. Ein Universalmuseum für Erfurt“, Angermuseum Erfurt , 4. Mai bis 8. September 2013.