Poetry under extreme Conditions

Alan Uglow

Towards the end of the 1960s, against the background of Minimal Art, Colourfield Painting and Concept Art, Alan Uglow began emptying out the pictorial surfaces of his paintings and translating them into monochrome worlds. His reduced colour plane constellations, outlined in colour and often emerging over years in series form, relate to the white of the medium and the wall in ever-new visual creations.
Usually presented as installations, the works exist in the in-between space of picture, relief and architectural element – constantly in debate with the presence and expansion of painting in the space. Despite the absolute minimisation of painting resources and an intrinsic timelessness in the images, Uglow’s works rarely have to be extricated from a real reference, as the titles of the works show: they refer to the artist’s everyday reality and suggest specific visual experiences.

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"Alan Uglow"

January 2010

ISBN 978-3-86678-385-0

23,00 x 30,00 cm

144 Pages

82 colored and 4 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English

Martin Hentschel, Kunstmuseen Krefeld

Text by
Martin Hentschel, Donald Alberti, Stephen Ellis, Bob Nickas, David Reed, John Tremblay, Joan Waltemath
The illustrated book was published on the occasion of the exhibition „Alan Uglow“, 2 February to 24 May 2010, Museum Haus Esters, Kunstmuseen Krefeld.