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Alchemical Explorations

Sabine Mohr. Works 1984–2012
Sabine Mohrs installations, objects, and works for public spaces and the theater reveal the versatility of her approach as an artist. Her work revolves around the metamorphosis of concepts, materials, and objects, which are recharged with new meanings in the process. Drawing upon the banal, mundane, and unspectacular, she creates spatial and visual events that open up new, surprising perceptual and mental spheres.
The first monograph of Sabine Mohr presents a cross-section of her work accompanied by text contributions by art historians and the artist herself.

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"Alchemical Explorations"

June 2013

ISBN 978-3-86678-849-7

21,00 x 24,50 cm

132 Pages

69 colored and 66 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English


Sabine Mohr, Renate Kammer
FRISE Künstlerhaus Hamburg e.V.

Belinda Grace Gardner, Gunnar F. Gerlach, Wolf Jahn, Sabine Mohr, Ludwig Seyfarth

graphic design
Sabine Mohr


Exhibition: "SABINE MOHR. Alchemistische Erkundungen", 19.09.2013—19.10.2013, Galerie Renate Kammer