Andreas Walther 華安瑞

Vom Wandern im Offenen 遊歷
Vom Wandern im Offenen (On Wandering in the Open) presents twenty years of the artistic work of Andreas Walther and his contribution to the design of the intercultural dialogue between Europe and East Asia. Based on media art and media theory, it is Daoist culture in particular that inspires the artist in his very personal handling of digital photography. The book outlines the development of his photographic works since 2010, while the video works of his that are also presented go back to 2002. In-depth considerations by renowned authors from Germany and Taiwan supplement the publication.

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"Andreas Walther 華安瑞"

July 2019

ISBN ISBN 978-3-7356-0614-3

104 Pages


Languages: Chinese (Simplified), German

Museum of Contemporary Arts Taipei
Text by
Chen Kai-Huang, Lin Chi-Ming, Johanna Liu, Pan Xiao-Xue, Renate Puvogel, Jens Rösler
Design by
Andreas Walther – vom hier und dort sein, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Taipei: August – September 2018