ANDRÉ BUTZER. WERKE AUF PAPIER 2001–2019 erscheint zudem als exklusive COLLECTOR’S EDITION mit einer limitierten Offset-Lithografie

Andrew Gilbert

In his works on paper and large-scale installations, the Scottish artist Andrew Gilbert combines fictive situations with historical fact. The impulse is always provided by incidents connected with colonialism, especially that of the British Empire, which in the way he reflects on them, go far beyond the historical context, and whose consequences still weigh heavily until today. His work also examines the reappraisal of that time in films and literature. “His method is reincarnation. Through slipping into the role of a British major or general, assimilating alien identities, and appearing as a real or fictive character in his artistic work, he succeeds in projecting history into the present” (Zdenek Felix). Visions of the past and its impact on the present remain palpable. Within this context, the Berlin-based artist examines the repercussions of historical facts in art, in particular the Expressionists and their handling of so-called Primitivism.

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"Andrew Gilbert "

July 2017

ISBN 978-3-7356-0332-6

24,00 x 30,50 cm

144 Pages

92 colored illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English

Oliver Zybok
Text by
Bernd Schwarze, Alison Smith, Oliver Zybok
Design by
Bobby Fleisch
Andrew Gilbert - Ulundi is Jerusalem, Andrew is Emperor, Brocoli is Holy. Eine Ausstellung der Overbeck-Gesellschaft und des St. Petri Kuratoriums - 28.02. - 17.04.2016

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