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Angelika Arendt

Sculpture & Drawing
The artist Angelika Arendt devotes herself to an oeuvre that fascinated the old masters and shows the timelessness of ink as a stylistic device. Her delicate drawings lead us across the image; we sink into it, losing ourselves in it until we find our way out of the labyrinth of lines again. A diversity of structures and levels are expressed on paper. Arendt’s sculptures are three-dimensional representations of her previous drawings, as the lines, forms and colours grow out into the space. This catalogue shows her current works, which, like the medium itself, remain timeless.

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"Angelika Arendt"

ISBN 978-3-86678-959-3

21,00 x 27,50 cm

104 Pages

46 colored and 6 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound, without dust-jacket, without slipcase

Languages: German, English

Christiane Bühling-Schultz, Karin Rase

Hendrik Bündge

interview by Christiane Bühling-Schultz and Karin Rase with Angelika Arendt

graphic design
Claudia Bachmann, Initiative für Besseres Design, Berlin
Exhibition: „Angelika Arendt – Falls Ihr keine Augen im Kopf habt – Skulptur & Zeichnung/Sculpture & Drawing“, 7.3. – 5.4.2014,  C & K unterwegs Galerie, Berlin