Heinz Mack

Light is the focus of the art of Heinz Mack. Mack began in the mid-1950s Mack to experiment with different materials and, by chance, created a structure that enabled him to create serial forms and reflections on light. Soon after, he created his light stele, light rotors, light reliefs, as well as experiments with sand and grid structures. Mack produced an artistic repertoire within a few years, one that resulted solely from the philosophy of ZERO, an artistic movement from 1957 to 1964 that he founded with Otto Piene, and later also Günther Uecker, and which fast achieved international success.

1931 born in Lollar/Hessen
1957 founding of the group ZERO in Düsseldorf with Otto Piene
1959 participation in the documenta II in Kassel
1964-1966 studio in New York / participation in the documenta III
1970 professorship and teaching assignment in Osaka/Japan, member of the Akademie der Künste, Berlin
1970 participation in the 35th. Venice Biennale representing the FRG
2004 presented with an Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany


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