Johann Georg Müller

1913 born in Ludwigshafen
after 1945 Firmly established on the art scene in Rhineland-Palatinate as a painter and graphic artist, international exhibitions
since 1950 based in Koblenz
1960s regular visits to Crete where he produced many watercolours and drawings
member of the Neue Pfälzische Gruppe (New Palatinate Group) and the Pfälzische Sezession (Palatinate Secession)
1983 awarded the Culture Prize by the city of Koblenz
1986 dies in Koblenz


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Johann Georg Müller. 1913–1986
( 157.18CHF )
Johann Georg Müller (1913–1986) – on the centenary of his birth

Johann Georg Müller (1913–1986) – on the...

Devotion to the Beauty of this World
( 28.00CHF )