Nicole Neate

Nicola Neate studied fine Art at the Ravensbourne and Camberwell Art schools in London. Working as a mixed and multimedia Artist she has exhibited extensively and worked on a number of international artist residencies and public art commissions including the Heartlands Project in Cornwall and St Michael’s Print-shop in Newfoundland, Canada. She has worked for Commercial Television, including devising and making title sequences such as the drama series ‘Lenny Blue’ (starring Ray Winstone). She is a lecturer in Fine Art and Photography at the University of the Highlands and Islands and is currently working on a major project in the Western Isles with the photographer John Kippin with whom she devised the international symposium ‘Imagining an Island’.



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John Kippin und Nicola Neate

John Kippin und Nicola Neate

IN this DAY and AGE - The Outer Hebrides
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