Dietmar Riemann

Dietmar Riemann (*1950) grew up in Saxony, East Germany. His apprenticeship as a photographer and his subsequent work as plant photographer at the Boxberg coal power plant were followed by a degree at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. Riemann went on to work mainly freelance. His social documentary photographs were featured in exhibitions and published as photobooks (including What Kind of Island in What Kind of Sea, Rostock 1985 and Der gute Ort in Weißensee, Berlin 1987). In 1989, Riemann’s application for an exit visa and release from GDR citizenship was approved after almost four years and he relocated to West Germany with his wife and daughter shortly before the Fall of the Berlin Wall. In 2005, he shared his experiences of that time in Laufzettel (Routing Slip: Diary of an Exit). Today, Riemann lives in Mosbach/Baden.


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