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Bernd Hahn

Painting and Drawing
Bernd Hahn ranks among the most important artists in Dresden’s contemporary art scene. Clear lines, intensive colour fields and energetic brushwork are among the defining characteristics of his work. Measured intervals, rhythms, ratios and proportions give rise to powerful, monumental canvases, but also to small, sparing drawings of the utmost intensity.
Switching back and forth between free movement on the one hand and an often rigorous, underlying compositional order on the other, Hahn has created an idiom that is unmistakably his own. This catalogue provides an insight into several different bodies of work.

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"Bernd Hahn"

June 2013

ISBN 978-3-86678-703-2

21,00 x 23,00 cm

224 Pages

110 colored and 68 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German

Gisbert Porstmann, Carolin Quermann
Text by
Gisbert Porstmann, Matthias Flügge, Michael Freitag, Carolin Quermann,
mit Erinnerungen von Veit Hofmann, Ernestine Höhne, Anton Paul Kammerer, Petra Kasten, Ingrid Koch. Jürgen Wenzel, Gunter Ziller
Biografie von Sigrid Walther
Design by
OE Grafik
Exhibition: Dresden, „Bernd Hahn. Malerei und Zeichnung“, 22. Juni bis 22. September 2013, Städtische Galerie Dresden