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Branching out

Achenbach’s, Schütte’s, Schwenk’s and Struth’s positions on nature
In this publication, classic landscape drawing meets contemporary forms of expression under the motto ‘branching out’ – ramifying artistic thoughts on the subject of nature. Old Master-style pencil studies of Oswald von Achenbach, the main representative of the ninenteenth-century Düsseldorf School of Painting, encounter works by Thomas Schütte, Martin Schwenk and Thomas Struth. Schütte’s etchings seem like images of prehistoric fossils, while Schwenk’s sculptures imitate plant structures with synthetic materials. Struth in his turn shows nature in his photographs like a cut-out, ubiquitous and timeless.

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"Branching out"

October 2014

ISBN 978-3-7356-0047-9

21,50 x 25,00 cm

96 Pages

60 colored and 2 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German


Museum Ratingen
Rolf Appelbaum, Alexandra König and Oliver Zybok

graphic design
Simone Reusch and Andreas Wünkhaus, Düsseldorf


Exhibition: “Branching out - Positionen zur Natur von Oswald Achenbach, Thomas Schütte, Martin Schwenk und Thomas Struth”, 26.9.2014 – 8.2.2015, Museum Ratingen